What does it mean when a community comes together to change its future?

It means we’re all in. We’re a part of something bigger. We leave our individual agendas at the door. We adhere to a shared community vision for the education of all of our children. We commit to using evidence to drive decision making. We share and analyze data. We use continuous improvement. We invest in what works for our kids.
We are all in.

Providing children with the tools to become educated, employed, and engaged members of society is the job of our entire community. No single entity or group can solve the challenges that face our students, our families, our schools, or our community. It takes commitment from all sectors - education, business, community, higher ed, civic, and philanthropy. We all need to work together with shared accountability and high expectations for every child in Albany, regardless of background or circumstance.

The Albany Promise is a vehicle for changing the way adults collaborate to help children succeed. We provide a structure for change by building community capacity to understand what supports student success, and accelerate change by spreading what works across all programs and services. It’s an inclusive partnership where we are each responsible and accountable for the success of our students.

We hope you will continue to join us in this work, provide critical feedback, and help us ensure the success of every child. Because we’re all in.

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