The Equity Equation

Our community currently faces achievement gaps at every educational level. Beginning in kindergarten, we see significant gaps in the achievement of children from different racial groups—gaps that we know only persist and grow wider as time goes on. The most profound gap is between Black and Hispanic students and their White and Asian counterparts. With students of color comprising over 65% of the District’s population, the social and economic consequences of the current level of achievement are dire and unacceptable.

A commitment to racial equity has been central to our vision since day one. Within the partnership, equity doesn’t take the form of a committee or any single action—it’s embedded in everything we do. The disaggregation of all data by race, socio-economic status, or other relevant factors allows us to identify the students who are being left behind. This enables us to think critically about how we can support our most vulnerable populations. Participation in this work requires sharing the value of racial equity.

With such large gaps in achievement, it is sometimes necessary to disaggregate not just the data but the interventions used to close these gaps. My Brother’s Keeper, a national initiative to boost the academic and social success of Black males, has shown that specific interventions for young Black males succeed at higher rates than typical interventions. The City of Albany signed onto the My Brother’s Keeper challenge in 2014, and The Albany Promise is supporting that effort to implement interventions that will lift up all students.

From early childhood to college and career, we stand committed to closing the achievement gap. We look forward to the day when we can eliminate the relationship between achievement and race, gender, or socio-economic status.

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