Since 2014, the University at Albany has graciously served as the anchor entity, or the “backbone host,” to The Albany Promise. From its inception to 2013, backbone support was provided primarily by the Chancellor’s Office of the SUNY System.

According to StriveTogether, the anchor entity is defined as “an organization or entity that commits to acting as the fiscal agent and ensures the partnership’s long term sustainability. While the anchor entity is the primary contributor to a partnership’s “backbone,” the backbone of a cradle to career partnership is not a single entity or role, but rather a set of functions that are essential to moving the partnership forward and deliver results. As the partnership grows and matures, the backbone needs of the partnership inevitably change. Not all functions are necessarily filled by a single partner; in fact, many partnerships nationally tend to be supported by a blended backbone, where multiple institutions provide different resources or support services to the partnership, as needed and appropriate.

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