About Albany, NY

As in most urban settings, economic indicators are uneven across Albany, with poverty estimates ranging from 7% in some ZIP Codes (12205) to 58% in others (12207). Per capita income ranges from approximately $11,000 to $35,000 across neighborhoods in Albany. The poverty rate for all city residents is 25%. This figure rises above 30% among children, and reaches 36% for children under age five. Poverty climbs even higher in single-parent households, rising above 40%. The population of children ages birth-18 is disproportionately concentrated in the poorest areas of the city.

Albany is home to nearly 100,000 New Yorkers, 25% of whom are 19 years old or younger. The city population remains majority White (56%), with a large minority group (33%) identifying as Black. An additional 6% of residents identify as Asian, and throughout the city, 9% of the population identifies as Hispanic/Latino (independent of race).

Students and families enrolled in the City School District of Albany (CSDA) are demographically quite different from the city-wide population. Enrollment in CSDA is nearly 10,000 (9,685 currently), with 23% of District students identifying as White, 68% as either Black or Hispanic, and 9% as Asian.



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