What does it mean when a community comes together to change its future?

Welcome to the Albany Promise, a cradle to career partnership in the City of Albany dedicated to improving the educational outcomes for the children of our city.

Our vision is clear - Albany will thrive when all of our children have an equal opportunity to succeed from cradle to career. Inspired by a shared vision for improved education outcomes, we use collaborative action and evidence-based decision making to accelerate success for students.

We urge you to explore our website to learn more about the work that Albany Promise is doing. Learn about how the partnership is doing this complex work and who’s at the table under our PARTNERSHIP page. Take a deep dive into our PROCESS and learn about collective impact and continuous improvement in education. Study our IMPACT to see what dials have begun to move as a result of the partnership’s work. Stay on top of our work through NEWS and RESOURCES both locally and nationally. And of course, GET INVOLVED - we’d love to have you at the table.

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